Concept Design proposal for New Building

new revised arch drawings 6-26-09

View web movie of exterior concept design

View web movie of interior concept design

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View from parking looking across windflower meadow toward main entry

View of drop off through memorial garden with connection to the sunrise cafe from the north looking south from main drive entry

Education wing south exposure looking toward the north.

Sunrise cafe and drop off connection to the kitchen

South elevation with meditation garden living shade structure made of crib dam wood.

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Interior Images

The Crossings and Entry to  Main Hall

The crossing is the meeting of east and west corridors

marking entry into the Main hall. Volume space filled with high northern light.

Just inside main entry doors is gathering space looking toward the crossings.

The gathering area is the main entry flanked on left side by administrative receptions and to the right by library. Great spaces to have open to expand this gathering greeting space.

3,4,& 5 classroom looking south form entry door


Classroom with connection to the exterior and flex opening into hall for overflow seating

Entry into main hall  looking south toward speaker

The main hall entry. The volume space allows for sliding barns doors to make possible overflow seating of the classroom and space for future balcony above.
Main hall from speakers back toward main entry

The volume in the corridor brings in light from above.

The corridors are line with storage areas making double use of this circulation space for access to these storage units bought and placed or custom built with crib dam lumber.
The kitchen has plenty of light and access to a serving line for indoor and outdoor functions
Kitchen from above with connection to outside dining and choir room for serving line set up during service

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Early Concept Design Line Images

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Expansion Options

View from main entry drive in with future fellowship hall to the east and education wing to the west of the proposed kernel building


Fellowship Hall Future Expansion                        Education Wing Future expansion

Revised plan for pricing

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