Model Based Design or BIM (Building Information Model)

Master plan design concept with phase one building options

Model based design provides early content that communicates the master plan and the phases that will be the beginning of making the master plan reality

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See an overview movie of residential BIM projects.

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a single source the 3d model from design concept to contract documents


       Renovation 3D details                            Green Construction Details

BIM Examples

A three dimensional model is the central source for all documents prepared for your project.  This offers many benefits over the traditional two dimensional approaches. These composite images/plan sheets are extracted from the model and our available early in the design process. These perspective and isometric views offer a more complete view of the proposed design and bring the plans to life.  View the process movie to see how central source model evolves during the design process. See our visualization page to see more examples of the real world image quality content options created by our creative use of this technology.


Giving form to ideas quickly so that they can be communicated early and tested quickly. This reduces the potential of design time lost to someone in the decision making chain suddenly realizing what is the true reality of the design.  This method of design allows for a more complete testing of the design before construction starts. These early line image extractions are tailored to illustrate the clients concerns so that they are understood and are given the consideration that they deserve.

The process offers benefits to all types of projects from single family homes design to revitalization of an historic structure. The process can help express the design concepts from interior to exterior and help explore the impact additions to a historic structure.


Residential Community Design Communication Content.

New 3D PDf is now available and can be a great market tool for residential community see the options we have to offer hot this link.

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The model home designs are communicated quickly and promote sales interest before the models can be constructed. With each home type modeled in our BIM design process animation of a drive down the street populated with the model options with all the street front options featured is made possible. The content can be used in all media web site, brochures, DVD, and television advertisement campaigns.

The image below is a example of the images created from the process in a composition that illustrates the design is a friendly visual language.

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PDF of the image above ready to print

Three Dimensional Model Based Design

Owens architects have begun to understand that BIM tools can offer a new way to document their work—a re-engineered process if you will—whereby the electronic drafting of lines and circles to represent architectural entities (CAD) no longer suffices and is, instead, replaced by the parametric modeling of 'objects' (i.e. BIM), whereby the direct placement of elements that physically constitute a building are represented and modeled virtually, and then tied into a database for simultaneous extraction into conventional 'flat' plans, sections, elevations, and details. In this manner, the representation of these building objects is transformed from a static portrayal to one that is highly interactive and self-analytical. Walls and doors that are moved in the design move together and work as assemblies in the model. Detail sections become 'hyper-linked' to their positions within the building design (much as links on web pages are today); change the detail and all door and window assemblies change simultaneously in turn. One can quickly go back-and-forth - as opposed to laboriously searching for the correct 2D drawing or spec sheet.

BIM is the present day 'representation' of building with the more informative 'simulation' of building. In plain English, what we're talking about here is a methodology that gathers, models, visualizes, analyzes, and simulates the performance entailed in conceiving, constructing and maintaining a 'virtual' building—and inextricably links it to the conception, construction, and maintenance of a real building. Put another way, it's what one might label as balance between the virtual and actual of the building entity and environment.

We continue to develop this process by use in our everyday practice on both residential and commercial projects. Our firm structure allows us the flexibility to adjust and implement these new technologies at a rapid pace thus obtaining first hand knowledge of this new technology and the benefits for creating a more complete design process for each design opportunity. It is the possibility of using this intelligent model technology as a base for design simulation of the building before construction to further explore and adjust sustainable design strategies and strive for buildings driven by human needs design.