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Owens Architects specializes in design of retreat / down size homes that become and investment with returns of more quality time with the family. This memory creating time with family has a long term return in that green strategies are employed that make a contribution to good earth stewardship.

These one of kind homes are based on a Human Needs design philosophy to provide a healthy home sure to become a legacy to be cherished by family members for generations.  It is a return to the elements of living with our unique design process customized to each family and home site.

BIM model based design process

provides a visual language.

See an overview of the design digital content created during the design process.

Each home has a project page to view the content in detail hit this link to Jenkins project page


The mystic of the log home provokes a desire to have a home that harkens back to the days of fine craftsmanship. A connection to the heritage of a pioneering sprit of our fore fathers that crafted a home out of the raw materials of the frontier which is inherently sustainable and in today’s terms a green choice. The needs of a modern home and these qualities that create the romantic appeal of a log home are combined in this green log home. Green is a   holistic design approach to create an inspired healthy living environment for the family to enjoy those special times together that become warm memories. This home offers all the modern qualities required for today’s family living while striving to make a legacy contribution to good earth stewardship

This design and prototype has been the result of a collaborative effort with the owner builder Clearance and Janice Jenkins. They have brought an invaluable combination of open minded consideration to the green strategies and a vision for the total quality of the completed home environment. Their attention to detail and exploration during the design and construction process has resulted in an example of how the modern log home can provide the adored heirloom quality of a log home while making a legacy contribution to a better the world for their children and grand children

 The one of kind hand handcrafted elements are interwoven into the green strategies to create an exterior envelope that provides opportunities for “Human Needs” driven spaces.

A holistic approach to design that is based in Human Needs principles dedicated to low impact on the site and reduction of the carbon foot print of construction as well as the life of the home. The homes enclosing envelope, interior finish, and design provide an opportunity to create a home that reduces the impact on the earth while providing a collection of spaces that provide a healthy environment for your family experience low impact inspired life.


There are technologies and strategies that can be implemented that are not a premium for initial construction cost and  provide long or short  term life cycle cost advantages while providing a long term investment potential soon to be cherished by the family.

Floor Plans

First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan


Construction Progress Images

Front Entry Porch with setting porch to the left. Twig rail elements gathered for the lake bank.
Timber frame elements add the one of a kind craftsmanship quality to the overhangs that provide protection for the shading the glass reducing glare with of the day lighting opportunity to bring in the northern light to the lift entry foyer and the second floor family suite bedrooms.  The kitchen bay offers a great work space counter with a view of the woods beyond. the covered porch to the mud room laundry offers a place to enter after a long day of hiking and fun at the lake.


Interior log wall                          Porch wall with a view

The log siding provides the craftsmanship quality inside and out.
Entry porch welcomes you in with a grand scale that offers glimpse of the lake view beyond. This would make for a great backdrop for the family portrait. this vertical element provide a hint of the loft space above and provide controlled daylight into the foyer and high light for the great room.

Green construction time laps movie

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See more detail about the green options in the PDF link below

Green Building options PDF now available click this link to download view and save a copy


Green Log Wall Section

Log siding and chinking installed over SIP panel exterior wall system.

Thermal conductive transfer is reduced with this system.

The log siding offers better use of harvested lumber.

SIP panel wall system does not have typical cavity wall system issues and offers high R value in a small wall dimension offering more useable square footage and reduces cost and issues with window and door openings.

Log siding can also be installed on the interior of exterior SIP panel wall system to complete the log wall appeal without the shrinkage issues of solid log walls.


Exterior wall and roof  structure SIP Structural Insulated Panels

Fast growth lumber use

High quality of thickness to insulation value ratio

Conditioned attic great interior space and mechanical system location

Low transportation impact

Less cavity wall thermal and moisture concerns.Less on site construction


Floor frame construction

TJI Truss Joist “I” floor framing created of engineered lumber components

Selected areas of the second floor system are timber framed joist and structural decking which creates floor above and ceiling below



Interior frame construction

Engineered lumber studs fast growth lumber engineered for consistent quality

Headers and beams LVL engineered structural lumber high strength use of fast growth lumber



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