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Green strategies are developed for this limited budget green design see the concept design content for the master plan and the kernel building to be built in phase one.

Designs that meet our human needs based design philosophy  and implement sustainable strategies for good earth stewardship.

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Building Information Modeling and Green Design
Feature - Environmental Building News May 2007

Light simulation featured in article by Building Green. View the online version of this article

Design simulation and studies are developed from the BIM created model a virtual environment carefully balanced to meet the design intent.


Residential green design options

Log Homes Article

See how our digital content helped save a modern historic building. You can also view our articles published about this project see the links in the side bar. Ultimate Sustainable Strategy

Historic preservation as the ultimate green strategy

City Hall and Fire Station of old finds new life

See how BIM and green design helped secure tax credits and saved this historic structure. See all the before and after images of this revitalization


Shade Effect Study

Investigation of multiple buildings on site with building envelope considered and natural light possibilities in the building are a human needs design principle and the reason that we have invested in the ability to produce this design study content. The examples below offers insight specific to the site and the extreme solar days effecting the proposed development.

Click on the image above to view the study on line.

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Interior Solar Study

Click the image above to view the solar study

Solar study for July extreme

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Building elements as light control devices

Solar study below helped to confirm the building elements will in fact control light penetration on a peak solar day.

Click on the image above to view the study on line.

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Natural light movement within interior space

Click on the image above to view the study on line.

Interior light pattern for key days in the solar calendar can be studied to ensure natural light and glare controls are effective.

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Light Control Devices

Living shade solar study.

Hit this link to see a solar study of this shade device.

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The Living Sun Shade as detailed in the images below offers a nice option to meet the extremes of this northern site.

Click on the image above to view the study on line.

Living shade section.


The physical structure for the shade is a design detail element of the building but the shade material is a living shade device that sheds its leaves in the winter to allow the warming sun to enter the space.


Solar Study Extremes Light Penetration Comparison

Study of assembly space and the effectives of light control devices on solar penetration in the extremes of the solar calendar.

July Study

January Study

The comparison shows that July has limited direct gain light exposure while January sun is more intense and welcomed for the solar heat gain that it provides. Results of a time lapsed 12 hour sequence of light movement in the space at the extreme solar conditions. Shade devices are proven effective by these studies.

See the solar studies in action hit this link

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Light Penetration Study

Our Process allows for comparison studies to determine the fixed shade device and design elements are adjusted and designed properly to provide protection from extremes that can effect occupancy concerns for a space. These can be specific to the time of day and the solar extreme days. This can result in a better balance of HVAC concerns. Glare control for a day lit space.

When 50 people are gathered in the assembly space on the southwest corner of the design has the light control devices and building envelope reduced the heat gain caused by solar gain sufficiently?

Will that conference room on the southwest side be a glare natural light free space for the time frames indicated by the occupancy study?

Will this porch space on west side have good light quality in the evenings during the summer months?

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Site Transition Spaces

The effects of proposed exterior spaces require study in there quality enhancing potential for the interior spaces.

Click on the image above to see the design concept images movie

Meditation structure light filter and extension of the veranda.

The entry to the rest of the site.

Sunset Space adds additional light buffer for interior dining area for

evening meal time.

Provide for a place to meet the rising sun located off the office

and sleeping areas.

Entry the transition options explored.


Natural Light Study For Historic Building.

These images where produced for a grant submission in an attempt to save the building. Day light options where studied and the modifications impact on the historic integrity of the building view from street level was the objective for creating these images.

Leed accredited professional

LEED provides a complete framework for assessing building performance and meeting sustainability goals. Based on well-founded scientific standards, LEED emphasizes state of the art strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. LEED recognizes achievements and promotes expertise in green building through a comprehensive system offering project certification, professional accreditation, training and practical resources. Visit the LEED Website to learn more.

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Green Design Dog House for the dog shelter.

Design and built by Owens Architects see how we made this donation to Woodford Humane society building fund raising campaign an example of Green Design.