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BIM Support Services

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See an overview movie about our unique group of service options that can provide a competitive advantage to provide a bridge and transition for your firms implementation of BIM based design.

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Fort Bliss Infantry Combat Team Complex One

Choose Owens architects to provide final submittal model and federal required Bentley work space model and sheet submission package. The design was completed in Revit and Owens architects created a Bentley BIM model to match the design. The service package will also include the maintenance of asbuilt model with connected sheets for the final submission.

See Ft. Bliss the project page

See Ft. Huachuea project page


 Model to Contract Documents one source BIM based design

Current  Architect registration

Kentucky 5496

Virginia 01342

Under Construction

LEED Silver project under construction in Virginia

Aikido Studio and school.

Learn more about this project see all the content created including solar studies

LEED silver building  construction nearing completion see more images on the project page  See the video tour of this project just click on related links to see extended Video Tour

Historic Revitalization the ultimate green strategy

Tax Credits secured on this project

City hall and Fires station of old find new life as this property is available fore lease or purchase. See more about this project


Design Development Projects

Old Line Police & Barracks- Gambia

See the Concept Design of this Complex on this project page.


LEED Silver Business Incubator  Design Concept

Design development under way bidding first of the year

Design concept see more about this  developing design.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Fredericksburg

See the design concept master plan content


City Of Manchester Water Treatment Plant

This project is out for bid

Composite PDF of contract documents now available

Revitalization of Shopping Center

ready to bid first of the year

Shopping center revitalization see the content


Completed Projects

Renovation and addition Green River State Park Campbell, KY

Limited budget green design revitalization project

Existing image above                            Proposed design above

Finished project images

See more about this project including animation of proposed design hit this link.


Addition and Renovation Office of the World Equestrian Games

Green design revitalization extends life of building slated for demolition

See more about this project


Interior Renovation

Georgetown College Hill Chapel Organ Balcony

Before Images Below

Construction Documents

Model based design offers detail advantages


  Food & Gas Mart

image largerenlarge to learn more

Flea Market & Convention Center image

largerenlarge to learn more

Retail Center


imagelargerenlarge to learn more

Food & Gas Mart

New Retail Center Lawrenceburg, KY


BIM Design From Concept to Contract Documents

See more about BIM

See more about this project

A three dimensional model is the central source for all documents prepared for your project.  This offers many benefits over the traditional two dimensional approaches. These composite images/plan sheets are extracted from the model and our available early in the design process. These perspective and isometric views offer a more complete view of the proposed design and bring the plans to life.  View the process movie to see how central source model evolves during the design process. See our visualization page to see more examples of the real world image quality content options created by our creative use of this technology.

Giving form to ideas quickly so that they can be communicated early and

tested quickly. This reduces the potential of design time lost to someone in the decision making chain suddenly realizing what is the true reality of the design.  This method of design allows for a more complete testing of the design before construction starts. These early line image extractions are tailored to illustrate the clients concerns so that they are understood and are given the consideration that they deserve.

The process offers benefits to all types of projects from single family homes design to revitalization of an historic structure. The process can help express the design concepts from interior to exterior and help explore the impact additions to a historic structure.


Owens architects provides (ADT) Architectural Desktop support

The Haskell company has contracted with Oa to provide architectural , MEP, and structural design support for a new Frito-lay distribution facility. This Haskell company is a top 100 design build firm that has adopted ADT model based design technology to provide the best possible service to progressive design conscious corporation like Frito-lay. The facility incorporates LEED based principles to ensure that the "human needs" are meet with all Frito-lay facilities.

Contact us to learn more about this service which is well suited for custom solutions based on a established prototype design.

PDF of this image

Project Types Personal Professional Experience
1. Flea Market
2. Convention Center
3. Retail Center
4. Food Mart
5. Restaurant
6. Branch Bank Facilities
7. Retail “Fit Up” Packages
8. Retail “White Box Shell” Packages
9. Adoptive Reuse of Historic Structures
10. Waste Water Treatment Facilities
11. Water Treatment Facilities
12. Museum Facilities
13. Library Facilities
14. Pool Renovation
15. Hospitality Facilities
16. Fire Station
17. Emergency Services Facilities
18. Product Distribution Facilities
19. Family Life Centers
20. Hotel Facilities
21. Window Replacement
22. Mechanical Systems Upgrade
23. Physician Office Buildings
24. Office Buildings
25. Technology Center
26. Vehicle Maintenance Facility
27. Class Room Facilities
28. College Dorm Facilities
29. Farmers Market
30. Factory Assembly Support Buildings