Retreat Homes

The wealth building investment that pays dividends in a much needed retreat for you and your family.

Log Homes article on our green Log prototype view and read the article

Green Building options PDF now available click this link to download view and save a copy

Green Log Home

See a green log home that creates a retreat home that makes a contribution to saving our children's earth

If you have found that perfect retreat home and site but the home needs a little tender loving care our design process can provide visualization content which highlights the opportunities the home and site have to offer see some example content Revitalize your home

featured on this page examples of design process Content

Living Elements     Design Concept        Line Images    Material & Color    Final Images

Your retreat home web page will be created so that you can share the latest content with family and friends. They can log on the page using the link you provide to see the

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design process in action they can become a part of the design for this important family investment. See an example of a lake home in production.

Lake Front.........Mountain Cabin........Ocean Side Family Resort

View some on line video tours of some completed homes


Return to the elements of living and strengthen your family bonds.


Fire side chat and a view of natures show.


Fireside nap

Screen porch outdoor living an evening fire with cricket and frog serenade.

Sunset Porch

Light mixer for great room below.

Kitchen Hearth a gathering spot for games and family time while the cook prepares a meal to share

Bed Loft with star gazing skylight. Moon light changes dreams.

Chiefs Corner

From garden to table

Hit this link to see more of the living elements images in our completed homes gallery

Our design process is Unique your home comes to life in many types of content throughout the design process.

Design Concept Sketches

Concept sketches help communicate the plans offering true perspective views of the design in process as we move toward the design which best fits your family's life style. See a sketch walk around example hit this link

The massing and proportions are confirmed through this process. The design concept is viewed in perspective views which offers hints at the design in the context of the site.

Sketch composite sheets highlight the potentials of the developing design concept studies.

Line images help to communicate the the plans. Composite sheets relate the design proposal in a visual language so all family members can gain comfort in the proposed design.



 This walk around composite of perspective views of the design helps to communicate the exterior design.

See more about this project


Composite sheet of perspective sections explore the vertical space connections early in the design process.

Inside and outside space connection considered.

Perspective line images of the exterior offer views of the design as it will be experienced in reality.

Plans with furniture cues placed in the spaces to offer scale to the proposed space.

Perspective interior line images with furniture cues helps to given human scale to the proposed space.


Perspective Views                        Two Dimensional

Perspective views help to bring two dimensional elevations to life.



Isometric views of the plan a view from above with the roof removed helps to further communicate the plan



Structure elements study in relation to the plan.

Building sections help explain the vertical connections between spaces in the home

Composite sheets with plans and view above with perspective view

help to explain a space in the proposed design.

Details and options can be explored from every angle. The design freedom afforded by this process allows for homes with a custom fit for your family and building site.

Interior perspective sections offers a quick view of the vertical connections of the spaces and volume changes

Entry to great room transition is explored in the view above

testing scale and proportion early in the design process.

See more about this project

Composite sheets combine views from above to communicate spaces

connection and outside window placement

Details are isolated and clients design concerns are studied interior and exterior relationship studied in detail


First design proposal above

Options are studied as the design process evolves from interaction and response to the drawings and input from your family

Revised proposal above

Materials textures and light shading are introduced in the line studies to add another level to the study of the space and details before moving on to color.

Hit this link to Learn more about our model based design approach.

Color and Material Studies are the next phase in the design process

See a rendered walk around example

Site elements are considered in early water color studies

See an example of a water color animation

Exterior elements are part of the design elements included in the studies.

Textures of materials inform material and color selections.

Water color studies to start the process of selecting material and color options

Exterior spaces and transition spaces from outside to the interior are studied in detail at this stage in the design. Final renderings are produced but these types on images during the design process communicate what the proposed design can be in reality.

A total design study of color and materials effect on the proposed space is vital at this stage of the design.

High resolution images are produced to further validate the material and color  selections

Hit the link below to see animation studies.

Options Considered in the site

Materials rendered in the site context

Exterior spaces are considered as well

See a detailed color study animation comparison.

Green Design is an integral part of our design process. The materials and construction processes are selected to limit the construction process impact on the earth. We have LEED accredited designers on staff that work hard to implement strategies which make a contribution to good earth stewardship. See more about how our design tools that allow us to study these designs in detail before construction begins.This link takes you to our green design page.

Hit the link below to see a example of solar study another great tool for designing a home that has quality natural light.

See the solar study in action.