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Rendering style options                             Image Types                                 Concept Design


Multimedia Options                       Animation Options


Design Concept Presentation                                    Revitalization

3D PDF now available hit the image to the right to view and save copies of the options.The  files offer a self contained document with embedded preview movies and links to web based content. These files are a great delivery method for all our digital content.

See these rendering style options and image content types that

communicate a design from concept to final promotional content ready for all media outlets.

View and save pdf of rendering examples

View and save a pdf of the rendering options

Water Color

Colored Line

Colored Pencil


Acrylic Paint

Black and White

Rough Sketched Image

Line Image

Detailed Pencil Sketch




Concept Design Images

See a Design Concept Example Movie

Communicate the early design concepts.

View and down load a PDF of all concepts design images from this project.

Early Renovation Design Options

Interior Sketches




Image Types


Perspective Section

Space connections illustrated.

Exterior Space

Interior and exterior space connections.


Composite Sheets

These sheets are provided early in the design process helping to bring traditional 2d  drawings to life.

Views from above and isometric views.

Perspective and isometric working together.

Sections and isometric illustrate the structure.

View other content options that are available from our BIM design based process.


DVD Multimedia productions see an online version of one in production.

Animation production.

Green Design services help make it possible to test new strategies and implement green design.