BIM (Building Information Model) design services. Federal Project Support

Our firm has developed a network of professional that have experience with the requirements for BIM standards required by federal agencies. We have experience with the federal design build process and can offer contractors the design support required to provide the BIM design submittals for solicitation submittals. The content that we can produce form the BIM model can make the difference in winning a contract. Our staff have experience working with all the districts and have that knowledge to give your firm the advantage.

March 26

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AGC request Oa BIM services to provide a Webinar lessoned learned for Corps of Engineer Projects based on case study of project completed to date. View and download the presentation

The COE adapted build delivery method is the future of federal construction contract process. The COE will provide Bentley BIM models connected to set of 2D cad sheets as the standard design package for that building type and the contractor will be asked to use this content. This package will be modified for the requirements of the site. The work flow that we have developed positions Oa to become a team member for your next proposal and success completion of COE contracts. We offer the ability for your firm to maintain the BIM and CAD format that you have invested and have proven success. Our firm will maintain the Bentley BIM COE content provided for the contract requirements while providing design content in the format required to maintain your current work flow. We will provide the support for submissions throughout the contract process.


Choose Owens architects to provide final submittal model and federal required Bentley work space model and sheet submission package. The design was completed in Revit and Owens architects created a Bently BIM model to match the design. The service package will also include the maintenance of asbuilt model with connected sheets for the final submission. See the Fort Bliss Project page.

                       See the Fort Huachuea Project page


We provide Revit content to Bentley BIM model creation services for required submissions for Federal projects and will maintain that model during construction for the as built model and contract document submission. To Learn about this group of services contact our BIM services Director Lee Ezell

Request our New DVD information packet with this email link it includes all the content options with examples of BIM advantage

See an overview movie about our unique group of service options that can provide a competitive advantage to provide a bridge and transition for your firms implementation of BIM based design.

BIM Examples Federal Submittal Content

Early Rendered Images  give quick perspective walk around of design elements. A quick overview animation can be created to add to the overall understanding of the project see an example

Isometrics with elements removed communicate design concept

Line Perspective a quick scale  and proportion review.

Interior perspective convey human work space concepts

Line Isometrics offer quick understanding of building connections

Composite Sheets quick overview of the design.

4D construction sequence simulation testing of construction. Federal contract electives can provides a proposal advantage.

Click on the image to see example of this communication tool


See our 3D PDF to learn more about this Great digital content communication tool for the early stages of design

Mass model addition interactive 3D PDF

Mass model with sections and floor cuts that explain design concept and spatial connections

Plan from above images isolate and communicate design in context with the whole plan. These are great tools during design development.

Quick line extraction help communicate design during the early design process as well as when the project moves into final stages of design.

Structural elements studied in relation to all elements including mechanical

Kitchen plan above image communicates design

Mechanical interface with design is checked and confirmed .

Kitchen perspectives give further support to kitchen design.

Serving area perspective

Mechanical isometrics communicate interference check of BIM design

Mechanical room studies confirm design.

3d PDF help in the design Develop phase

Details studied and communicated during design development. Portion can be illustrated in detail with the clients ability to interact with this one file to gain a better understanding of the design.

See this study of a industrial component

Display detailed concept


Green Design elements can be communicated with this BIM content

We have LEED accredited designers that bring a unique level of understanding to the BIM model creation process which can help you meet the LEED requirements of a submittal.

The Living Sun Shade as detailed in the image offers a nice option to meet the extremes of this northern site.

   July Study

Study of assembly space and the effectives of light control devices on solar penetration in the extremes of the solar calendar.

The comparison shows that July has limited direct gain light exposure while January sun is more intense and welcomed for the solar heat gain that it provides. Results of a time lapsed 12 hour sequence of light movement in the space at the extreme solar conditions. Shade devices are proven effective by these studies.

See the solar studies in action hit this link

January Study

See an overview movie about the content created for the submittal created for this