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Building Information Modeling and Green Design
Feature - Environmental Building News May 2007

light simulation featured in article by Building Green.

World Architecture News Article

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Aikido Studio design

recognized by the UK news website

Fluid Media Examples and Options

Delivering this digital content through fluid media outlets that have become more personal in today’s individual information age. The ability to reach a global group of stake holders as soon as the content is compete. This digital content experienced as their schedule permits and solicits their response throughout the design interaction.

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Fluid Media options

Mass model studies

Mass model addition interactive 3D PDF

Mass model with sections and floor cuts that explain design concept and spatial connections

3d PDF help in the design Develop phase

Details studied and communicated during design development. Portion can be illustrated in detail with the clients ability to interact with this one file to gain a better understanding of the design.

See this study of a industrial component

Display detailed concept

Interactive PDF Content

You can View on 3D interactive PDF content with this link

Proposal interactive PDF example with embedded animation

This interactive PDF has embedded Flash Content along with web links a great tool for communicating design options

visualization proposal pdf

Residential                Commercial Concept                  Commercial Green Design

Communicate and market your projects with this self contained file which offers preview content on demand with links to more detailed web based content.  A great email market tool to introduce a design concept and provide more detailed information.  To download an example just hit the image link below to open the pdf and save a copy.

The file above has green text that activates preview content and blue text that are email links to more detailed web based content.

If you experience problems loading these files they require the free viewer from adobe

Acrobat reader 6 minimum  with flashpaper both required to view these options hit the link to install. Adobe reader down load

Web link version of this pdf also available

The file above has mouse over of text to activate images of that component of the design concept click the image above to view and save a copy.

See the web based multimedia study of this concept design content


From early design sketches to the animation sequences based on the final design communicate the design concept and design features

This file type can highlight the features of the design and explain them in a visual language with interactive content click on the image above to open this PDF and save an example.

Mobile Device  Website Project Page

We have launched our mobile device site and can now offer project pages that can be viewed on the new smart phones. This is a large  new media outlet and is well suited for the digital content that is possible with our design process. To view our new mobile web site follow this link on your mobile device

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