Revitalization Project

Federal and state tax credit project

This building is available for lease or purchase

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Before and after images of completed green design restoration

Before Front Elevation

After Front Elevation

Archway after structural problems stabilization and  restoration of brick details.

Brick detail before revitalization

Structural issues had caused damage to the area below the front window and the archway entrance which treated the brick detail of the total front facade

Right side before

before right side rear

Left side after with restored openings

and window restoration

Rear Building Elevation before

Restored metal cornice

Rear windows after

Rear windows metal windows removed and replaced with wood custom to match existing restored windows.

Second floor space had dropped ceiling with

Dropped ceiling over window before

Ceiling height restored

Ceiling height restored

Before stair

New stair

new front entry space

Stair landing and door restored

Stair detail restored

Stair after

Fire truck space before

Fire truck space after

window opening restored

Doors and trim restored

Rendered Images

View and download Composite PDF of the design images

New front entry

Court House side elevation

Line Images of Proposed Design

Tax credit applications plans